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How often do you offer courses?

Fast911 Training Associates offer courses weekly and on weekends. Weekly sessions are generally held in the evenings but daytime scheduling is also available. 

Are there costs in addition to the pricing in the Services section?

Costs for AHA Courses are exactly as advertised, per participant. Course materials (Workbooks, Quick-Reference Guides, Manuals, Equipment) are available for purchase but are NOT required. For information on obtaining Course Materials or Supplies, please contact us for a pricing guide and product listing.

You mentioned a Money Back Guarantee? 

That's right! If you are not completely satisfied with your experience, we will refund the cost of your training. You will only be responsible for administrative costs for the production of your Course Completion Card(s). For additional information related to our Guarantee, feel free to contact us and speak with one of our Training Administrators. 

Where are the courses held?

We two convenient office locations in Worcester, MA. We conduct individual and group sessions at our Main Street and West Boylston Street locations OR a location of your choice (business/home/community center). There are no additional costs for remote training sessions. Call us to discuss your anticipated individual or group participants and we will work with you to schedule quickly and conveniently! 

I was certified through the Red Cross in the past - is this different?

Any CPR/First Aid Certification is better than NO Certification! However, our philosophy is that the American Heart Association is the Gold Standard for CPR, First Aid and Related Provider Course Content. If you currently hold an American Red Cross CPR or First Aid Certificate, we cannot recertify those credentials. Our courses will equip you with what Hospitals and Healthcare Providers demand: AHA-Certified Content which is Nationally recognized and respected.

I'm nervous (and shy!) about taking these Courses! What should I do?

Not uncommon! Many students have apprehension about performing in groups, taking written exams and asking questions under stress.  At Fast911Training Associates, we've developed our Courses with this in mind. Our sessions are designed to be fun and interactive without making you nervous! We will ensure your success by providing you with individual support when needed without putting you on the spot! We're so sure you'll be comfortable and successful, we GUARANTEE THIS TOO. If you think you need special accommodations, just let us know in advance and we'll take care of the rest!

Do you offer any courses online?

Yes! We're excited to announce that many of our traditional American Heart Association Courses now offer an online component to complete the didactic review and written examinations. For more information, please complete the Course Selection Form in our Services Section and a Training Administrator will contact you. For clients seeking online modules, Fast911 Training Associates will coordinate steps to complete the process and schedule in-person practical examinations and Manikin/AED practice after successful completion of the online curriculum.

Payment by Check, Money Order, PayPal, Google Pay and all major Credit Cards

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